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About laura spence aesthetics

My name is Laura Spence and I have been a qualified nurse for 7 years and a prescribing nurse for 3 years. My nursing career went quickly and I specialised in mental health. I worked for private health care sector and ran a very good but busy care home. I first got into aesthetics in 2014 I decided very quickly that this is what I wanted to do as I felt it combined my nursing skills with a lot of my passion for helping people to.

what we do

I prescribe to other practitioners around the country and I also do clinics up and down the country and this is now my full time job. Very soon we will be launching our academy which will focus on helping people with additional training to improve their skills or enhance their knowledge. All out training is done in your own clinic with your own models so you can earn as you learn You will also receive the training by one of our prescribing nurses or doctors.